Star party

star party

The Twilight Program is an educational program intended to enrich the Star Party experience that takes place hours before the Star Party. Two versions of the program are currently offered, depending on the time of year and the Moon phase. Reservations are nearly always required to ensure participation, as this. A star party is a gathering of amateur astronomers for the purpose of observing the sky. Local star parties may be one night affairs, but larger events can last up to a week or longer and attract hundreds or even thousands of participants. Many regional star parties are now held annually and are an important part of the hobby. 31 May Are you considering throwing a star party? Here are some tips and tricks to host a great gathering of stargazers.

Star party -

February 3 Regional Gathering of Amateur Astronomers a. Open fires of any kind are NOT permitted.


Texas Star Party 2017 - Recap

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